Hello Loopointers!

You are probably here because you were looking for a clean loo on the highway. That’s how most people end up here.

There are two things you can do now.

A. Hope you found the loo and relieved yourself! If not, here is the listings page https://loopoint.com/clean-toilets-on-highways/

B. Help us improve the Loo listings. Did you find something that should be on this list? Please email us. Better still add it yourself and earn some karma. Here is where you add https://loopoint.com/listing-form/

That’s it! Thanks for stopping by, and have a safe journey

PS: If you really like this page, here is a fun thing to do, help us make a tagline for Loo-point. Only condition it should be a spoof of existing brands.

Some user generated ideas here
– LooPoint – India runs for Loo
– LooPoint – Just hold it
– LooPoint – Jo Biwi se kare pyar..woh LooPoint to kaise kare ignore
– LooPoint – Bhool na jana, LooPoint pe must hai rokna

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